Back on Track: Restoration Plan

Back on Track: Keysville Depot Restoration Plan

The most recent effort to save the Keysville Depot was sidelined for 8 months while we submitted paperwork to Department of Historical Resources. Finally our plan has been approved and the final paperwork for the VDOT enhancement grant has been submitted.

The Keysville Depot is being restored under the auspices of Virginia Department of Historical Resources. Funding is from donations and a VDOT enhancement grant.

Phase One: Stabilization and protection

  1. temporary cover on roof
  2. Footings and foundation
    1. jack front wall freight building
    2. Remove and clean old brick for reuse
    3. Dig and pour footing
    4. Replace sills
    5. Foundation
  3. level and repair joists & floors
  4. cover windows
  5. repair walls
  6. remove all old paint
  7. prime siding for protection
  8. remove freight room siding (save for reuse)

Our VDOT grant requires a match in money materials or labor. Every tax deductible dollar donated generates 5 dollars available for repairs.

Donations may be made to:
Friends of the Fort Mitchell and Keysville Depots
PO Box 849
Keysville, VA 23947

Call 434-736-0152

Friends of the Fort Mitchell and Keysville Depots will be having a stew and yard sale at the Fort Mitchell Depot November 2, 9:00-1:00. Stew Master is Melvin Woodson. $6.00 qt. To pre order call Doris 372-3965 or The Southside Messenger 736-0152   All donations of household items, furniture antiques and appliances  are tax deductible and appreciated.

Depot Day at Keysville Depot  September 19, 2013
The first “Depot Day” is scheduled for October 19 starting at 9:00 a.m. Volunteers will begin with cleaning the property, cutting weeds and working on repairing leaks in the temporary roof. Everyone who is interested in the Keysville Depot is invited to bring their work gloves. Again, all work counts against the match for the grant. 

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